Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Easier with Phillips Air Care

At Phillips Air Care, we understand the importance of ensuring the air you breathe is clean and free of contaminants. This goes double for the air inside your home or business. Between dust, bacteria, pet hair, external pollutants, and more, there are many reasons to be concerned about your indoor air quality.

The good news is that we are here to help. We offer a wide range of solutions to help you maintain and improve your current indoor air quality. Whether someone in your family has allergies or you simply want to improve the air at your place of business, we can make it happen!

Indoor Air Quality Services Charlotte NC
Learn more about some of the ways we can help you with the information provided below, and when you’re ready to bring your home’s comfort under your control, give us a call.

Humidification Systems

One of the first steps toward improving indoor air quality is controlling the humidity of the building. Both excessively dry and excessively moist air can cause their own problems. Moist air can cause damp carpeting, musty odors, or clammy areas; meanwhile, excessively dry air can lead to frequent sore throats, chipping paint, or static shocks.

A whole-home humidification system can be the key – and we can install it for you. We’ll help you find the right system for your needs, whatever they may be. And with the right humidification or dehumidification system, we can put your building’s humidity under your control. It’ll be easier than ever to keep your home or business comfortable.

Filters & Purifiers

Clean, pure air is essential for life. If someone in your home or business suffers from allergies or lung problems, an air purifier or filter can be just what you need to improve their comfort. Phillips Air Care has the filters and purifiers you need. We offer a wide range of filters and purification systems, from high-MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) filters to purifiers that use electric currents to clean the air in your home.

We’d be happy to conduct an assessment of your home or business in order to determine which kind of filter or purification system would be right for you. And once we’re done, you’ll find that everyone in your building can breathe just a little bit easier. So why wait? Call us today to get started!

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