AC Replacement

AC Replacement

AC Installation across Charlotte, Salisbury & Concord NC

When it gets hot, you need air conditioning. That’s especially true in the greater Charlotte, NC area, including Salisbury and Concord. And if your air conditioner is busted, then it’s time to get a new one. Phillips Air Care can install a fantastic new A/C system for you, with financing available. Call today for an estimate!

A/C Repair Services Charlotte NC

Things to consider with your new Air Conditioning Unit

Installing an air conditioner is an investment in your home, and like any other worthy investment, it can sometimes be costly. But if you’ve lived in North Carolina during the summer, then we think that you can agree that it’s worth it.

The cost of your new air conditioner will vary for a variety of reasons. The first is type – will you choose a central air unit? A split system? Our experienced HVAC contractors can walk you through your options so that we can help you to determine what’s best for you.

On top of the type of unit that you choose, the cost of your installation will also be determined by the size of your home. A bigger home takes a bigger unit and more energy to cool, though if you go too big with your AC system, you’ll end up wasting energy. We’ll help you to size your new system to your home so that you get the most out of it.

The Industry's Top Air Conditioning Brands

We work with a variety of air conditioning brands, including top brands like Goodman and Amana. Our goal is to save your money and to keep you comfortable no matter how hot it gets this summer.

An efficient air conditioner that’s properly installed can actually save your family money over the long run. AC that works well uses less energy to cool your home more comprehensively, saving you money on energy bills over time.

So if you’re interested in air conditioning installation, call Phillips Air Care today! We serve clients in Charlotte, Salisbury, Concord, and beyond.

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